There are several options to get to Barcelona from the campsite:

How to get to Barcelona


The stop is at the campsite entrance. The Bus service runs twice a day and it will take you to Barcelona city center Pl. Catalunya (Ronda Sant Pere 21-23). The trip is about 45 minutes. Therefore, there is a daily Bus service from the campsite to the train station every hour.


There is also a Night Bus (N-82) service (go/return) to Barcelona starting at midnight and going every hour to Barcelona centre in Pl. Catalunya and same to return to Canet de Mar – The Bus stop is at the campsite entrance.


Train station is located at 600 mts from the campsite, 10 minutes’ walk, in our village, Canet de Mar. There are trains every 15-20 minutes during the week and every 30 min the weekends, to Barcelona Centre (Pl. Catalunya, main train station). The trip is about 45 minutes. You can buy your ticket directly at the station and it costs around 9 euros go/return per person. To return, you have to take the train that goes to Calella or Blanes. Both trains stop in Canet de Mar. The last train to return is at 22.30h departing from Barcelona Pl. Catalunya.

How to visit Barcelona


The bicycle tours offer an intimate, original and privileged way to discover Barcelona. There are plenty of places that rent bikes per hours or per days for a good price.

Touristic Bus

Use the Barcelona City Tour to see the most popular sites in Barcelona. Commentary and audio guide service on this double-decker bus is available in 7 different languages. Tourists are welcomed to hop off and on the bus to get a better look at the attractions. The Barcelona City Tour has 2 routes all in one ticket. You can buy your bus ticket at the reception desk and get a 5 % discount.


The city’s underground system is a great way to get around quickly. However, you will miss seeing the city, and possibly get disoriented when you get back up to street level.

If you’re going to use the subway several times, you can buy a special ticket called T-10 which has 10 journeys and it’s multipersonal.

By Car

At the reception you can get a day ticket to park your car. For 15 euros, you can find a parking lot which is only 10 minutes far from the city centre. It is thought for independent customers who want to move around the city with complete freedom and make the most of this wonderful city as much time as possible.